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Locally produced, responsibly raised foods and artisan products.

Ten years ago we moved to Texas to begin our dream of running a cattle ranch. Responsibly raised, grass finished, chemical free. To honor our animals we made the decision to begin to sell private-label beef directly to the end consumer. This part of our journey brought us to be part of an amazing farmer’s market. Multiple producers doing things the right way; bringing healthy products to our community. It was our desire to further promote these same local farmers and ranchers and the fruits of their labors that made Vetch a reality. Locally sourced. Farm fresh. Come and experience the difference!

Paul and Jennifer

Locally produced, responsibly raised foods and artisan products.

Vetch opened New Year’s Eve 2021. The concept grew from selling our grass finished beef and wanting to celebrate our work along with other local vendors.


Bringing amazing farm-fresh products to the community is our goal. We are a conduit for local producers to sell the fruits of their labor.


Our inspiration is Mother Nature – responsible practices lead to healthy products.


Our message is to know where your food comes from. Support local businesses. Seek out nutrient-dense, responsibly raised foods.


In addition to farm and home retail products, we are a full-service espresso bar. Making custom drinks for each guest makes our day fun!


We have a passion for stewardship of our animals, respect for our land, and helping other farm ranchers to be successful in our community.

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